Diamond Discovery

Want to create your own unique piece? Schedule a consultation with us to receive extensive diamond education and to select and design your dream piece

Diamond Selection

Unlike a typical jeweller, we utilise a network of diamond wholesalers to present you with a selection of diamonds via HD video and GIA certificates for your consideration

Create Your Piece

Your setting is crafted by master craftsman in Perth, Western Australia. We design the setting around your diamond to best enhance its natural beauty and brilliance


meet katie & parys

Diamond Collective’s co-founders, Katie Skinner and Parys Mcclean launched DC with a clear purpose, to shake up the diamond industry.

Harnessing their 15 years’ experience and infatuation for diamonds, their commitment to providing a fresh, contemporary diamond experience is undeniable.

With transparency and education at the heart of DC’s values, Diamond Collective has successfully broken the mould and continue to modernise a traditionally outdated industry.

Let's Create Your Dream Piece

diamonds by order

unique to you

At DC, the experience is a little different to what you've come to expect from a typical jeweller.

We have an innovative and empowering approach that allows you to explore, choose and design your own piece unique to you. Our diamond by order service eliminates any unnecessary overhead expenses which means you get best value for money and achieve your dream diamond for less.

From engagement rings to pendants, to earrings, to necklaces to dress rings, we can help create a piece unique to you.

The DC Experience