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diamond drop necklaces

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Colours - Topaz BaguetteColours - Topaz Baguette
Colours - Topaz Baguette Sale price$390.00
Classic Four Claw Diamond NecklaceClassic Four Claw Diamond Necklace
Classic Four Claw Diamond Necklace Sale priceFrom $1,190.00
Classic Bezel Diamond NecklaceClassic Bezel Diamond Necklace
Classic Bezel Diamond Necklace Sale priceFrom $1,190.00
Classic Six Claw Diamond NecklaceClassic Six Claw Diamond Necklace
Classic Six Claw Diamond Necklace Sale priceFrom $1,190.00
Memoir Necklace - Yellow Gold memoir, necklaceMemoir Necklace - Yellow Gold
Herringbone Necklace - Yellow GoldHerringbone Necklace - Yellow Gold
Memoir Necklace - White GoldMemoir Necklace - White Gold
Memoir Necklace - Rose GoldMemoir Necklace - Rose Gold
Memoir Necklace - Rose Gold Sale price$800.00
Diamond Bar NecklaceDiamond Bar Necklace
Diamond Bar Necklace Sale price$900.00
Colours - Ruby BezelColours - Ruby Bezel
Colours - Ruby Bezel Sale price$320.00
Colours - Tourmaline BezelColours - Tourmaline Bezel
Colours - Tourmaline Bezel Sale price$320.00
Colours - Labradorite BezelColours - Labradorite Bezel
Colours - Labradorite Bezel Sale price$320.00
Colours - Tanzanite MarquiseColours - Tanzanite Marquise
Colours - Ruby MarquiseColours - Ruby Marquise
Colours - Ruby Marquise Sale price$390.00
Colours - Aquamarine MarquiseColours - Aquamarine Marquise
Colours - Sapphire MarquiseColours - Sapphire Marquise
Colours - Sapphire Marquise Sale price$390.00
Colours - Tourmaline MarquiseColours - Tourmaline Marquise
Colours - Citrine MarquiseColours - Citrine Marquise
Colours - Citrine Marquise Sale price$390.00
Colours - Peridot MarquiseColours - Peridot Marquise
Colours - Peridot Marquise Sale price$390.00
Colours - Tanzanite BaguetteColours - Tanzanite Baguette
Colours - Garnet BaguetteColours - Garnet Baguette
Colours - Garnet Baguette Sale price$390.00
Colours - Peridot BaguetteColours - Peridot Baguette
Colours - Peridot Baguette Sale price$390.00
Colours -  Tourmaline BaguetteColours -  Tourmaline Baguette
Colours - Labrodorite BaguetteColours - Labrodorite Baguette
Colours - Gemstone NecklaceColours - Gemstone Necklace
Colours - Gemstone Necklace Sale price$950.00
Trilliant Diamond Drop NecklaceTrilliant Diamond Drop Necklace
Round Brilliant Diamond Drop NecklaceRound Brilliant Diamond Drop Necklace
Marquise Diamond Drop NecklaceMarquise Diamond Drop Necklace
Marquise Diamond Drop Necklace Sale price$2,500.00
Asymmetrical Diamond Bar NecklaceAsymmetrical Diamond Bar Necklace
Pearl Droplet NecklacePearl Droplet Necklace
Pearl Droplet Necklace Sale price$510.00
Mother of Pearl Mini Clover Necklacemodel wearing mother of pearl necklace