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The Rise Of Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab diamonds are a real diamond, but rather than being mined from the earth, they are created in a lab by simulating the natural process of diamond formation in hot and high pressure chambers.

We recommend lab diamonds for our budget conscious clients as there is no difference to the naked eye. This means clients can increase carat size for a lesser price.

As lab diamonds are a new addition to the market we do not have a pricing history to guide future value. Therefore, we cannot say how the value may fluctuate in the future. We would not recommend purchasing a lab if you are planning to resell or upgrade in the future.

Lab Vs. Natural Pricing

0.50CT Round Brilliant Lab

0.50CT Round Brilliant Natural

1CT Round Brilliant Lab

1CT Round Brilliant Natural

2CT Round Brilliant Lab

2CT Round Brilliant Natural

Approximate pricing based on a nice, clean diamond in a basic solitaire setting.

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