Tips on how to get their ring size without asking!

So you're thinking about proposing, and now you just need to perfect ring! 
You may have an idea of the design and diamond that your partner has been dreaming of, but do you know their ring size? 

If you are planning a surprise proposal you will have to determine her ring size without them catching on to your plan. So here are a few ideas on how to get the ring size without asking them. 

1. Phone a friend 
If you have both openly discussed marriage for some time, they may have already had their finger size checked. Usually a close friend or mum would be in the know if this is the case! 
2. Use a sizing gauge  
If they are a deep sleeper, you can slip a sizing gauge  onto their finger whilst they slumber. This will be the most accurate way of getting their size without a professional sizing.  But proceed with caution as we don’t want you to ruin any surprises! Upon request, we can provide you with a sizing gauge during your consultation.  
3. Take a photo 
Do you have a photo of them holding a wine glass or something similar? From a photo we will be able to guide you in choosing a size. It may not be perfect but we get pretty close! 
4. Go a little larger.. 
If you are unsure of an exact measurement, we will always recommend going a little bit bigger. It is best for the ring to be a touch loose at the proposal rather than it not fitting.