Engagement ring designs that have stood the test of time

Each year we see new trends come and go, even when it comes to engagement rings. Whilst we love to stay up to date with new trends and modernise the way you buy diamonds, sometimes there is no better choice than a classic engagement ring.

Whether it be a simple solitaire or a more intricate design these designs are guaranteed to have the same 'wow factor' now, just as they will in years to come.

A solitaire engagement ring is the simplest setting, however when crafted perfectly it can still leave you speechless. A clean band—especially one that is super fine or maybe even with a knife edge finish—allows the diamond to the focal point and really showcasing its beauty. 


For those seeking a larger spread, a three-stone engagement rings are a gorgeous way to add some sparkle.There are so many different combinations of cuts to play with that, though classic, your engagement ring with side stones can be completely unique. Trilogy engagement rings stand for past, present and future for those sentimental lovers. 

For the women who want maximum sparkle we recommend a  halo engagement ring. A fine micro-pavé halo surrounding the center stone immediately gives the illusion of a larger diamond. There are many different styled halos so if you love the idea of extra size and sparkle, but haven’t found the perfect design yet, just ask us about the alternative halo designs.

Antique style engagement rings can be some of the most beautiful work our jewellers create. Showcasing intricate details such as milgrain and fine wire work,  the antique style is the perfect option for someone who wants something completely unique.