5 Things to know before ring shopping together

More and more often we are seeing couples shopping for their engagement ring together. Surprise proposals are most definitely romantic, but when it comes to a purchase as important as an engagement ring, it can be good to have your partner's guidance. Ring shopping together can be a really fun and exciting experience and for partners who are a more particular, you'll leave nothing to chance. Even if the ring itself might not be a surprise when it comes time to pop the question, it's guaranteed to wow—and be something she's sure to love for life.

  1. There are lots of ways to collaborate  
    Collaborating can be anything from providing design guidelines to work towards or discussing every element of the diamond and design together.  If you’re not sure, ask us to break down the different steps of creating a bespoke engagement ring and you can decide what will be best for you.
  2. Keep us in the loop 
    If there are any elements of the engagement ring that you would like us to not discuss with your partner present, such as price or time frame, just let us know ahead of your appointment. 
  3. We want there to be mystery 
    Once you both have decided on the diamond and design, we will discreetly move forward with providing you with the details and dates for your rings collection. This way your partner won’t know when to expect you to drop to one knee. 
  4. It is a personal decision 
    There is no right or wrong way to buy a ring and every couple is different. You may find the perfect one straight away or it may take a couple of trips. Take your time, enjoy the experience and remember to practice patience.
  5. Creating the ring together won’t ruin the proposal
    Designing your ring together won’t make the proposal any less magical. 
    Nothing will ruin such an amazing moment and you can rest easy knowing she is guarenteed to adore the ring!