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Engagement ring designs that have stood the test of time

Each year we see new trends come and go, even when it comes to engagement rings.
Whilst we love to stay up to date with new trends and modernise the way you buy diamonds, sometimes there is no better choice than a classic engagement ring.

Whether it be a simple solitaire or a more intricate design these designs are guaranteed to have the same ‘wow factor’ now, just as they will in years to come.

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Diamond shapes: 101

When searching for the perfect diamond, one of the most important things to consider is the diamond shape—or cut.
Whether you’re designing your dream engagement ring or choosing another piece of jewellery to compliment it, diamond cuts play a vital part in the decision.
Choosing the perfect diamond cut for a special piece of jewellery is totally down to personal taste, but there are certain pros and cons that come with each cut that may help you make the final decision.

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5 things to know before ring shopping together

More and more often we are seeing couples shopping for their engagement ring together.
Surprise proposals are most definitely romantic, but when it comes to a purchase a important as an engagement ring, it can be good to have your partner’s guidance.
Ring shopping together can be a really fun and exciting experience and for partners who are a more particular, you’ll leave nothing to chance.
Even if the ring itself might not be a surprise when it comes time to pop the question, it’s guaranteed to wow—and be something she’s sure to love for life.

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Tips on how to get their ring size .. without asking!

So you’re thinking about proposing, and now you just need to perfect ring! 

You may have an idea of the design and diamond that your partner has been dreaming of,  but do you know their ring size? 

If you are planning a surprise proposal you will have to determine her ring size without them catching on to your plan. So here are a few ideas on how to get the ring size without asking them. 

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