Care tips

Diamond Collective crafts beautiful, fine jewellery that you will cherish forever. 
At-home cleaning and inspecting of your valuable pieces should be done routinely.
To ensure your piece stays beautiful and sparkly, follow these simple tips.

at-home cleaning

Between professional cleans DC recommends cleaning your jewellery every two weeks. 
Most jewellery can be maintained at home using a mixture of warm water and dish soap. This mixture will help loosen any build up of dirt, dried lotion or food that can gather in your jewellery as you wear it.

you will need:

– a soft bristle toothbrush
– mild dish soap 
– a bowl 
– warm water

This cleaning method is for diamond jewellery. Do not use this method with pearl or gemstone jewellery.


Step 1.  Fill a bowl with warm water (not boiling) and mix in a little bit of dish soap
Step 2. Let your piece soak for 5-10 minutes. 
Step 3. Lightly scrub jewellery with a soft bristle toothbrush all over, but especially under your main diamond. 
Step 4. Rinse in warm water (we recommend using a cup so you don’t risk dropping it into the drain).
Step 5. Air dry or use a lint-free microfibre cloth.

Preventative care

DC creates stunning jewellery of a high quality. We want you to be able to wear and enjoy your piece, however, you should always wear with care and know some maintenance is required over time.
You should have your jewellery professionally cleaned and inspected every 6-12 months. These inspections help prevent the loss of diamonds caused by normal wear and tear or damage. Additional maintenance may also be suggested in the event your ring has undergone some form of trauma such as being dropped or hit against a hard surface.
Both gold and platinum are malleable materials which can be knocked and will wear over the years. 
Follow the below Do’s and Don’t to keep your piece safe.



– Do insure your piece
– Do take it off when cleaning or gardening
– Do clean it weekly 
– Do wiggle the diamond every now and again to check it is not loose
–  Do get it checked by us if you knock it


– Don’t wear your piece to the gym or strenuous activities
– Don’t shower with it on 
– Don’t apply lotion with it on
– Don’t sleep with it on 
– Don’t swim with it on

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